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A support group for carers of people with mental health difficulties

Welcome to KS2 Bath

Do you have a relative or friend with mental health difficulties? Do you support them?
If so, you are a carer, and this group is for you!

We are a peer support group for carers of people with mental health difficulties.

Meet other people who face similar challenges as you, who can understand and support you.

Who are we?

What can we offer?

Working together

We are a group of carers who support people with mental health difficulties, and are very aware of the problems that carers face. We know that not only does the person with the mental health difficulties face stigma and isolation, but so does the person caring for them. The carer is often left unsupported to deal with some difficult situations. As a peer support carers’ group, we can offer you support and understanding from people with experience of the difficulties you are facing.

We can give you support and understanding from people who understand your situation as well as:

  • information on the changes currently taking place within the mental health services
  • access to free training
  • a chance to get involved and improve the services within mental health for service users and carers.

We believe in the principle of working together and have established strong links with other groups including the AWP. We are building relationships with the statutory mental health services and other services connected with mental health. We sit on many committees within the statutory mental health services representing carers, and ensuring that carers’ voices are recognised and heard.

Come and meet us!

Before COVID, we used to meet up on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Bath Carers’ Centre, The Woodlands, Lower Bristol Road, Bath BA2 9ES. However, since COVID we have been meeting up via Zoom. We hope to begin face to face meetings again soon at the Carers’ Centre, but will continue using Zoom for now.

If you would like to join our Zoom meetings, please send an email to hello@ks2bath.org for the details. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month in the evening between 7.00 and 9.00 P.M. to help fit in with your working day. Come along for a chat and meet real people who know what you are going through. We look forward to seeing you there!


Mental Health Course for Carers - KS2 & St Mungos SPACES STILL AVAILABLE!

Click below for available dates and more info

Many thanks to St Mungos for the following content…


KS2 Bath believe that carers, who can feel isolated and overwhelmed, should receive quality training in the same way that staff do. KS2 Bath commissioned and developed the Carers training in collaboration with St Mungo’s and with support from AWP the local mental health trust and The Carers Centre.

This training aims to help family and friends supporting a loved one with lived experience of mental health problems. It further develops their understanding and approaches, to create the best possible environment that supports everyone’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

The training consists of four sessions:

1.  Understanding mental health challenges

An opportunity to explore what it can be like to experience mental health challenges & how mental health needs can impact on people’s behaviour

2.  Support people with mental health needs to make changes

To explore some of the challenges of supporting people to make changes and introduces some techniques for working with change.

3.  Conflict and crisis

Reducing and managing conflict and crises with the person you support

4.  Learning, reflecting and support

To be better able to establish clear boundaries, positive communication & relationships



Ralph Lillywhite is an experienced St Mungo’s trainer who was keen to make the Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE)  approach being used by St Mungo’s and other organisations accessible to people supporting a loved one, who often receive very little training. 

Mary Marchant is a carer, a founding member of KS2 Bath and a trainer who delivers training to mental health professionals.


The Approach

The Carers training is built on the Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE) approach which aims to create the best possible environment that improves the emotional and mental wellbeing of the people being supported and the people who support them. Creating improved understanding, relationships and coping strategies. 

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