KS2 Bath

Keep Supporting through Knowledge and Skills

A support group for carers of people with mental health difficulties

April 23rd- A meeting with Jeremy Hunt.

We had an opportunity to meet with the Conservative Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt at Mind.
We went along with New Hope members and raised many concerns about the service for mental health. He was a classic politician and did give some evasive answers. Here are some of things discussed:
How will they improve the mental health services to allow proper support for someone with mental health issues to enable them to get better
They have allocated money for the NHS mental health should get some of it did not say how much

What support are they going to provide for carers- carers save this country alot of money  and because they are left unsupported alot of carers become physically or mentally unwell themselves
They have set up the Care Act, everyone should have an assessment.

Stigma of mental health, people who admit to having mental health issues in the workplace losing their jobs.

Waiting times to see crisis teams in A&E- there are fines for general health breaching the 4 hour wait why is this not happening or mental health

Alot of the answers we got were evasive but we are grateful for the opportunity to talk to Jeremy Hunt so many thanks to him