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Ian Tulley Event Report

Questions and Answers from the AWP
Question Time event

Here is a summary of the Question and Answer event we had with Iain Tulley in May. To read the full report click on the following link http://1drv.ms/XCBdo7
Why organised

We wanted to have an
event that allowed Carers and Service users to meet with and ask the questions
they’ve always wanted to ask of the directors of Avon and Wiltshire Partnership
Trust (AWP), the statutory mental health service provider in B&NES.
It was important that the
event was well organised and therefore allowed honest communication between AWP
and carers and service users.
The event was organised and
chaired by Keep Safe Keep Sane (KS2) a peer support carers group, in
collaboration with St Mungo’s and New Hope a service user peer support group.
“Improved communication between Carers,
Service User and Staff allows everyone to feel listened to and create the
services and support that we all want for our loved ones and their carers.”
How it went

Iain Tully, AWP’s Chief
Executive and Bill Bruce Jones, AWP’s B&NES Director were the panel
answering  questions and the event was
chaired by Bev from KS2 and Ralph from St Mungo’s. 40 carers and service users
attended the event, with people submitting questions that were then honestly
answered, that included frank discussion.
This was a really unique
event, carers and service users voices together sent a powerful message of
working together that resulted in some very frank and honest discussion.
Participants commented that they felt really heard by AWP and were impressed by
the honesty of their answers and commitment to get things right.
 “I felt genuinely listened to for the first
time” (Carer)
“It was great to hear
honest answers; we know they cannot fix everything” (Carer)
The event felt like a sea
change, I don’t believe this event would have happened a few years ago, well
done to KS2 for organising (staff)

Excerpts taken from the evening:

Coming into and discharge from AWP is stressful
for service users and carers.
We need to simplify the referral system so that people can
re-engage with treatment. (Ian Tulley). BBJ went on to say “people being
discharged without knowing is unacceptable” and “I want to know personally
when this happens”…”Carers should be able to talk privately to clinicians
about discharge.”
How does talking to a carer, to take a clinical history, breach
BBJ:  “Taking a
clinical history does not breach confidentiality…
we have agreed to have a Confidentiality
Conference in Banes to address this”. Ian Tully went onto say “we will support
any staff in breaking confidentiality for the right reasons.”
Service users and carers are often the
first to know of an increased risk. How are they
involved in risk assessments and management plans? 
currently do not work well collaboratively, but there is a willingness to
improve this. (BBJ)
Carers have the resources if we are listened to and
supported. (Carer)
need to offer a chance for confidential talk with a carer early on, make it
more of a process. (Debbie Spaull, AWP carers’ lead)
Why don’t we have at least one place of
safety in B&NES?
BBJ:  There is a place of safety in Southmead
Hospital. We see that as inadequate. We hope to work with commissioners, and
the police service on this.
Question – Environments (building and
staff) are really important for people’s recovery. Your head office is lovely,
why is Hillview so Dickensian?
BBJ:  Hillview was poorly designed from the start.
It originally had three wards but over the years wards have been closed. I
agree with you and would not want my family to be treated on that ward.
Working with Service users and Carers

Would like to work with the new Carers Charter as it is
until things are being done well and when things improve add to it. (IT)

Many thanks to Ian Tully
and Bill Bruce Jones for agreeing to sit on the panel and being so honest in
their answers. To read the full document of the event go to……     Ian Tully has kindly agreed to make this a
regular event, we look forward to seeing you at next year’s event.

B&NES aims to be at
the forefront of improving communication between service users, carers and statutory
mental health services. This event was organised as part of this aim. Keep a
look out for future events including the confidentiality conference to be
hosted by AWP and KS2.