KS2 Bath

Keep Supporting through Knowledge and Skills

A support group for carers of people with mental health difficulties

Keep Safe Keep Sane Meeting 10th September 2013

Present: M, T, Tr, E and B

Thanks to all who attended what was a really good meeting.

Keep Safe Keep Sane meetings will be moving to a new location. The BANES Carers’ Centre are opening a new office in Bath, and they have kindly allowed us to use a room for our meetings. B, D and E are to meet Tom Fox-Proverbs to look over the new venue.

We are also going to be changing the format of our meetings. In the future we will have committee meetings separate to the Tuesday night KSKS meetings, and the KSKS meetings will have a guest speaker for one half, and the other half will be set aside for talking and refreshments.

We have made a leaflet advertising our group which can now be distributed.

We have also written a Carers’ Charter and we need everyone involved with KSKS to read the final document. We feel strongly that this is a unique document, and it needs to discussed with the AWP as it expresses carers’ concerns. We would like everyone to read it and give us your feedback. You can also sign our petition here.

Many thanks to all who helped at the World Mental Health Festival. It was a great success! Splat the Rat was very popular and we had a lot of interest in our group. We managed to give out some of our new leaflets too.