KS2 Bath

Keep Supporting through Knowledge and Skills

A support group for carers of people with mental health difficulties

Keep Safe Keep Sane Meeting – 9th July 2013

B, T, D, E, L, M, and C present. Apologies from N and R.

A really good meeting and it was good to welcome two new members.
There were a lot of things to discuss.

1. We are running a “Splat the Rat” stall at the summer celebration at Bath City Farm in September. Should be fun!

2. The Carers’ Charter

We have been working on a Carers’ Charter since May, and we are asking for input from any carers. Please email us for a copy of the Charter and to let us know anything you as a carer would like to add.

3. We have started a carers’ forum in conjunction with the AWP. Please email us if you wish to raise any points with the AWP, or if you are interested in joining the forum.

4. A Place of Safety

There are pilot schemes taking place that enable people experiencing a mental health crisis to be taken straight to a place of safety rather than being arrested and placed in a police cell. As a group we are interested in Bath having this facility, and would like to know how people feel about this. Please email us with your thoughts.

5. Carers’ Assessment

The AWP are NOT going to be doing joint assessments with the Bath Carers’ Centre, but are to be referring carers to the Carers’ Centre. Tom Fox-Proverbs from the Carers’ Centre has asked us to write a list of things we would want from the AWP. So please let us know.

6. We now have a group bank account and will be looking for ways to raise funds. We are going to put a donation point on our website, but if you have any fund-raising ideas then please let us know.

If you want to email us about anything, you can contact us at admin at keepsafekeepsane.org