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A support group for carers of people with mental health difficulties

Launch of AWP Carers’ Charter – April 15th 2014

As you are aware, Keep Safe Keep Sane have done a lot of work with carers to write a Carers’ Charter, which represents what carers feel they need to help them care for their loved ones. A link to the charter is in the main menu at the top of the page on our web site.

When our group learnt that the AWP was writing a Carers’ Charter, we asked to be involved and given permission to run a carers’ workshop to gather evidence to write a Trust-wide Carers’ Charter for the AWP. KS2 then sat down with AWP staff to write a Carers’ Charter for the Trust which is more representative of carers’ needs. The resulting charter has now been published by the AWP, and here are the links to it:

Carers’ Charter Leaflet
Family Friends Carers Charter

This charter is to be displayed and made available to all carers. It is designed to be monitored and also to allow the carer to challenge staff if it is not being adhered to.

I would like to thank all carers who provided input into this charter and the workshop we ran. I would also like to thank the AWP for giving carers an opportunity to truly input into their services.