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A support group for carers of people with mental health difficulties

Meeting with Dr Bhat and Tom Fox-Proverbs – 21 August 2013

Today we met with Dr Bhat, a psychiatrist from the AWP and Tom Fox-Proverbs from the Carers’ Centre at BANES, to discusscarers’ assessment and carers’ treatment at the AWP.

The things we discussed included:

  • Clarity – Carers need a clearer picture of what is available to them from the AWP and the Carers’ Centre.
  • Standardisation of staff – making sure that all staff are following the same procedures.
  • Recognising that some people might be carers even thought the person they care for may not recognise them as their carer.
  • All carers that contact the AWP will also be referred to the Carers’ Centre and offered an assessment. The AWP are to give clear guidelines to the Carers’ Centre on what they can offer and how to claim various things such as personal budgets.
  • The AWP are recognising that they haven’t done well for carers in the past, and are trying to improve things.
  • The AWP are going to be working more closely with the Carers’ Centre in recognising carers, and ensuring they are offered help and support.