KS2 Bath

Keep Supporting through Knowledge and Skills

A support group for carers of people with mental health difficulties

Minutes of meeting on 12th February 2013

Really good meeting with lots of information, and lovely cakes thanks to T.

We gave a warm welcome to C (a new member).

Flyers for the group have been designed and printed. We need ideas on where to put them and are looking for volunteers  to put them up. Please let us know if you can help.

Many thanks to D for producing an incredibly good Constitution. It was clear that a lot of work had gone into it. We will hopefully be agreeing and finalising everything at the next meeting.

I have been asked to join a forum for service users and carers within the AWP. We will let you know what the group’s aims are. If you have any questions to bring up within this group then please let us know. Also, if you are interested in joining this group the please let me know too.

A carer/service user group called “New Hope” are involved in setting up a summer carnival to celebrate achievements of people with mental health issues. They are also involved in setting up a “What Works?” conference aimed at improving the experience of services for people with mental health issues and their carers. T is attending the planning meetings and will let us know how things progress. We are aiming to have a table for Keep Safe Keep Sane at both events. Anybody interested in helping please let us know.

Are you caring for or supporting someone with a personality disorder? Are you interested in attending a training course for personality disorders? If so, please let us know as we are trying to arrange a course for carers.

Next meeting – the 2nd Tuesday of March.