KS2 Bath

Keep Supporting through Knowledge and Skills

A support group for carers of people with mental health difficulties

Monthly Meeting, 8th October 2019

Busy meeting many thanks to all who attended.

Jo Scammel from Virgin Care came to talk about their services in Mental Health. We asked her about Carer Assessments, which are an assessment of the needs of someone supporting a loved one or friend with mental health needs. Also where do people go for support if not within statutory services?

As a carer/supporter you are entitled to an assessment to ensure you have support for you and know where you can get support. Within statutory mental health services, Virgin Care are responsible for these assessments, but it is unclear where they are done if not in these services. Jo is getting back to me with this information.

Also we discussed how all groups working within mental health improve their collaborative working. Jo said there is an alliance forming within BANES, to improve collaborative working and to implement our Carers Charter being part of the commissioning process for all services. There is recognition of the need to work together to provide the best service for patients and their family.

We also did our check in and had lovely cakes provided by Tanya. Many thanks to her!

Tony very kindly made a bookshelf for us to store our library. Gina Smith has very kindly donated mental health books that we are going to lend out to Carers.

We have worked with St Mungos to develop training for carers. The next session is in November but there is funding for 3 sessions a year and I will confirm dates as soon as I can. For details look on our website.