KS2 Bath

Keep Supporting through Knowledge and Skills

A support group for carers of people with mental health difficulties

Notes from Keep Safe Keep Sane meeting – 14th May 2013

Four people from the AWP came to meet carers and answer questions, Bill Bruce-Jones (Clinical Director), Kristen Dominy (Operations Manager), Gareth and Sarah.

Many thanks to all who attended.

We had a frank and honest discussion about:

  • the problems faced by carers and they way that they were perceived
  • ‘confidentiality’, having contacts within the AWP to talk to
  • continuity of care with the fragmentation of the services

We were very honest about situations we had all been through as carers, and our concerns for the future. As a group, our aims are to maintain communication and work with the mental health services to raise awareness of carers and improve the services for them, as well as the people they care for.

One thing we are interested in doing is setting up a “Carers’ Charter”. A lot of carers present at the meeting and members of the AWP were interested. How do you feel? Let us know so that we can keep you updated so that you can get involved.

All the AWP members present we happy to come back to meet us again and feed back any improvements or changes made.

Many thanks again to all who attended, especially those from the AWP.