KS2 Bath

Keep Supporting through Knowledge and Skills

A support group for carers of people with mental health difficulties

The “What’s Going On” event

What a night! Eighty or so people came to our What’s Going On event in Bath.

Attending were Iain Tulley (Chief Executive of the AWP), Bill Bruce-Jones (Clinical Director in BANES AWP), Liz Richards (Managing Director in BANES AWP), Andrea Morland (Commissioner of Mental Health Services in BANES) and Paul Wilson (Manager of Sirona Mental Health Services).

After a buffet, introductions were made, and the rest of the evening was spent with the above attendees taking turns to talk to (and listen to) groups of carers, service users  and members from various organisations.  The topic of conversation was mental health issues in the BANES area.

The evening was a great success, and some of the positive feedback received from carers and service users was “We felt heard”, and “I am glad I live in BANES”. Some of the feedback  received from the evening’s speakers was that “We need to do more to publicise our services. People do not know what services are available for people with mental health difficulties”.

This was a true collaborative event with KS2, New Hope and St Mungo’s Broadway working together. Also, a lot of 3rd sector groups came along to scribe, including MIND, Soundwell, Creativity Works, the Care Forum, Sirona and of course the AWP.

I would like to personally thank everyone who made this event such a great success. An article about the event will be written and published soon, so watch this space.

You can check out Iain Tulley’s blog about our event here.

Here are some pictures from the evening’s events.